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About Stevie

So, remember that time I turned 30 and jumped out of a plane? Yeah, that was awesome.

Ok, so skydiving definitely isn't for everyone. Leaving that plane at 10,500 feet was probably one of the most insane things I've ever done. I didn't just leave a perfectly good plane, I left my comfort zone and my fear and all the 'I can't'. And I loved every second of it.

Now, what does that have to do with having a photography business? Maybe nothing. But man... I JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE.

I started Stevie Photography because people keep having these wonderful, crazy, fantastic life-changing events and I just loved being a part of it. I care about my clients and the experiences they're having and feel so lucky to be capturing their memories. I went to this seminar once where one of my favorite photographers was speaking and she said something like 'the photographs are their legacy and that legacy is what matters'. It wasn't EXACTLY that but that's the message I got and that really hit home with me. Maybe its not an original idea of my own, but it was an idea I wasn't sure how to articulate until I heard the words. Anyone can come and take pictures of your wedding, your baby, your kids. I want to take the photographs that will be that legacy for your family. The ones that show who you are right now. The way you look, feel and interact with the ones you love. It matters to me that the photographs are important to you.

If this sounds good, let's talk. Throw me some info on the contact form or just email me. We'll have some Tazo and chat.

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